The word branding comes from the word brand which in Indonesian means brand February 13, 2020 - BY Admin

The word branding comes from the word brand which in Indonesian means brand

In use, the word brand and branding have different meanings. If the word brand means brand, then the definition of branding is a variety of communication activities carried out by a company with the aim to build and grow a brand or brand.

Understanding Branding According to Experts

- Kotler (2009)
According to Kotler, the definition of branding is the giving of names, terms, signs, symbols, designs, or combinations of all of them, which are made with the aim of identifying goods or services or groups of sellers and to differentiate from competing goods or services.

- Landa (2006)
According to Landa, the definition of branding is not just a brand or trade name of a product, service, or company. But everything related to things that screen the eyes of a brand ranging from trade names, logos, visual features, images, credibility, character, impressions, perceptions, and assumptions that are in the minds of consumers of the company.

Types of Branding

1. Cultural Branding

It is an effort to give an identity or a brand that is adjusted to the reputation of a nation or people from a certain region.

2. Product Branding

An attempt to give an identity to a product that is able to influence consumers to choose the product compared to other competing products.

3. Geographic Branding

An attempt to give an identity that has a purpose in bringing up a picture of a product or service that is identical to the name of a location so that if the location is called then people will immediately remember the brand.

4. Personal Branding

Businesses that are used by individuals to make themselves known and remembered brands so that they have their own judgments or views from the general public. Examples of personal branding are artists, musicians, or other famous people.

5. Corporate Branding

Branding aspects of a company that starts from the products offered to the contribution of company employees to the community.

The Branding Elements

Because a brand is an identity and branding activities will involve the introduction of that identity to the community, so in the branding process, we must understand the elements that must be included so that our products are easy to remember. The branding elements that we must fulfill are:

1. Brand Name

The name is the first thing that must be met if we are going to do branding. Without a name, the product will not have an identity that will make it easier for the public to recognize.

2. Logo (logo type, monogram, flag)

In making a logo, pay attention to the uniqueness and image factors that match the brand. A unique logo will leave an unforgettable impression for consumers.

3. Visual Display

This visual appearance can be applied to product design, package design, design design, and so forth. Using a visual display with bright or elegant colors will increase the image of a product.

4. Use of Spokespersons

The spokesperson in this case could be a co-founder of a company, mascot, company figure, or famous person who has been invited to work together to improve product marketing.

5. Sound (thematic songs)

The presence of a song will complement the branding visualization element and make it more beautiful and more memorable.

6. Words (slogans, taglines, jingles, acronyms)

Smart slogans always leave a deep impression. In the process of making a brand, use words that have a cheerful and positive element, are easy to remember, and are different from other brands.

The Importance of Branding for business progress

After discussing the meaning of branding, the various types, and elements of branding, we now also need to understand the purpose of good branding and its impact on the company. Branding is a way to communicate the message of a business product to its consumers.

Through good branding, the company can give a good impression to its users, thus making customers continue to be loyal to use the product. In addition, branding also paves the way for companies to be known to more people, both from the logo and from the marketing campaign. Seeing the benefits, building a brand is an investment that must be done by every company.

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