Ideas and Opportunity January 21, 2020 - BY Admin

Ideas and Opportunity

How to create ideas? How ideas are turned into opportunities? How opportunities are turned into actions? Entrepreneur must create innovative and creative ideas. Ideas are everywhere, according to Kevin Eikenberry “each idea that we encounter, whether we create the idea, synthesize it from somewhere else, or hear it, is a possible opportunity”
Certainly, ideas are everywhere, every people can create ideas, but there are many peoples not take actions on ideas and seize opportunities, why?

1. They less confidence to fell they will succeed
2. They are scare with the ideas, afraid to fail
3. They don’t focus, have many ideas and opportunities but immobilized, too much choice, and unable to make choice

So, how to turn ideas into opportunities and turn into actions, here the steps:

1. Be focus, write down all your ideas, and pick one
If you have a lot of idea try to group them first, then choose an idea that approaches the available opportunities

2. Make a plan
Build a timetable and checkpoints on your way to implementing the idea, write down what your goals what kind of business and success you want, this must be underline that the goal is to outline a plan

4. Commitment
Committed entrepreneurs achieve their goals, as an entrepreneurs Commitment is very powerful when it comes to goal setting. It gives motivates and inspires the entrepreneurs to keep their persistency and help them overcome all obstacles.
5. Take the risk
According to Mark Zuckerberg as a founder Facebook “the biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks”.
You don't always have to know what you are doing or how things will turn out in the end. Live in the moment; take risks. Not knowing what the outcome will be is what makes life exciting.

6. Get started
The opportunity might not always be there, so if you have idea and opportunity shake them out and get started, but please don’t stop there.

The greatest accomplishments in history began with bold choices, so put the best one into action