How to Optimize Portfolio, so clients are interested January 08, 2020 - BY Admin

How to Optimize Portfolio, so clients are interested

When you want to get some clients or customers, you have to make a good portfolio. Portfolio contains services or services that you can provide to clients and also the advantages you have.

So, how to Optimize Portfolio, so that clients will interest?

1  Focus

If you are a digital marketing agency, focus on offering digital marketing services, without offering other services, because if you offer several types of services simultaneously, it will make potential customers confused But if you have several services, try to separate them and create a new portfolio to other services.

2  Give examples of projects that you have worked on

The second thing you should consider in your portfolio is an example of a project you've made. It is highly recommended to explain or show examples of services that you have done for customers. This can convince potential customers who want to use your services, they will think that you are indeed the right agency that they will choose to work on their project

3  Show your vision and mission

Client will know your proficiency with your profile

4  Give some reviews from previous customer

Prospective clients will trust us with our services by reading and seeing, it's good to include comments or reviews from your previous clients about the experience when using your services, because this will build trust in prospective clients because you have evidence, but don't overdo it

5  Be unique and professional

Make sure you respond to questions from prospective clients, including matters relating to client service quickly, a positive attitude when dealing with clients.

Don't forget to be unique, create something unique that is not possessed by other agencies, not only is this a plus but people will easily remember the services you offer

6  Always renew the portfolio

Renewing your portfolio or services is very important, because people will see the development of the services you offer